6 Tips To Remember While Cleaning Your Upholstery Fabrics

Upholstery is the main element in our furniture. It provides core strength to the furniture or couches. It is the framework that supports the life of our furniture. Upholstery absorbs dirt, dust, and bacteria from the environment that affect our upholstery. 

Upholstery fabric cleaning from time to time is the best way to keep expanding the lifespan of your furniture. There are certain things we do while cleaning our upholstery fabric that damage it later on and cause costly expenditures. These things can be taken care of by remembering the 6 tips for upholstery fabric cleaning.

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1. Use soft and organic cleanser:

We think strong and acidic cleansers will help to remove dirt and dust from it. But these strong cleansers or detergents fade away the color of your upholstery and make it weak. So, it is important to use soft and organic cleansers that clean your upholstery fabric naturally without causing any damage to it’s fabric.

2. Not to soak your upholstery fabric in water:

Unintentionally we all do this same. While cleaning and using more cleaning we forget about the fact soaking your upholstery fabric in water will damage it. It leaves a watermark on the fabric that makes your furniture unpleasant. Placing a minimum amount of water near you or using a steam cleaner to clean your upholstery fabric is the best way to avoid this mistake while doing the lounge cleaning services.

3. Using the right tools:

Upholstery fabric cleaning involves the right choice of tools or equipment. If the right tool is not used while cleaning upholstery fabric it will cause damage to the fabric. For example, using microfiber will shed lint on the fabric.

4. Not to use too much heat:

Using too much heat on the upholstery fabric can cause roughness and uneven smoothness on the surface. It is better to use natural methods of drying its fabric such as exposing them to sunlight or open air. Steam cleaner is the best way to clean it’s fabric.

5. Avoid Scrubbing stains:

Scrubbing stains will penetrate the dirt into the upholstery fabric. It might further cause molds or mildew. It is better not to scrub your upholstery fabric than using a steam cleaner. Steam cleaning is the best way to remove stains and dirt.

6. Use baking soda & vinegar:

There is another way to remove stubborn stains from your upholstery fabric while cleaning. Baking soda and vinegar is the best and most organic way that removes stains efficiently from the upholstery fabric without causing any damage. Baking soda has anti-cleaning and anti-bacterial properties that remove stains effectively. Vinegar changes the PH level of the fabric and prevents the spread of bacteria and germs. Take one spoon of baking soda and 3 spoons of vinegar. Apply it on the stain for 10 minutes and clean it with a wet cloth.


Upholstery cleaning services are very important to make your furniture brand new and extend its lifespan. You can clean your upholstery fabric once a month to increase its efficiency.


Why Do You Need Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services?

We surely know the value of cleaning our upholstery furniture. It keeps us healthy and safe from dust and pollutants, and it prolongs the life of our furniture. With so many ingredients in your home and some superb techniques in your mind, upholstery cleaning seems easy no? With the help of these, regular cleaning can definitely be trouble free to carry. Well, it surely is a plus point of maintaining your upholstery. But you should often hand this task to the pros. To convince you, here are some reasons as to why you need upholstery cleaning service:

  1. Allergic reactions

You were consistent in cleaning and maintaining your upholstery and even then your or your family members are getting infected or allergic. If you cannot understand why these allergic reactions are happening frequently, then it is a sign to call for upholstery cleaning service. The dust and allergens can cause allergic reactions. 

  1. Worn out appearance 

Your upholstery looks shaggy and crumpled. It is just not in the right shape. It has gotten dull. The untimely old appearance of your furniture causes a lot of worry because this furniture was definitely a big investment. To save it from any further damage, you have to have it cleaned. This is the most clear sign asking you to get pros for the job.

Your upholstery looks shaggy and crumpled. It is just not in the right shape. It has gotten dull. The untimely old appearance of your furniture causes a lot of worry because this furniture was definitely a big investment. To save it from any further damage, you have to have it cleaned. This is the most clear sign asking you to get pros for the job.

  1. Stains that won’t go

No matter how much you have tried, some stains just won’t go away. Maybe you are using the wrong cleaner or the wrong technique. Whatever it is, experts know the best. They will use the right cleaners and the right equipment to shake away all those stubborn stains. 

  1. Weird nasty smells

You walk into your living room and get disgusted immediately by a weird odour. If that is the case with you, there are high chances your upholstery furniture is giving out these smells. The pollutants, food spills, mites, and moisture are responsible for these nasty smells. You tried everything that you could but the odour remained. In that case, call for upholstery cleaning service. They will make sure that the odour disappears with the right tricks and ingredients. 

  1. To have a healthy indoor air

Healthy indoor air is very important  for your family especially when you have babies, elders or patients in our home. To ensure the safety of your loved ones, be alert in avoiding accumulation of dust and germs in your house. And we’ll, upholstery furniture can have a lot of it. Therefore, it is a must that you ask the professionals to clean it up. 

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  1. You don’t have time

Time is ticking is such a relatable statement for you. Your job or the kids don’t allow you to have enough time to do these chores. When that is happening, you need somebody to rely on for the safety of your family and for longevity of your upholstery.  Have a glimpse on our blog titled Is Vacuuming Enough For Couch Cleaning.

Is Vacuuming Enough For Couch Cleaning

There might be a lot of answers when this question arises. The exact answer depends from person to person and their household environments. Some people sit on the couch with their legs on it. Many have snacks on the couch and many people don’t do all these things.

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Vacuuming comes with a lot of benefits. Once you start seeing the results then it might be considered the best one to use. The advantages are as follows:

  • They are very easy to use.
  • They are cost efficient.
  • They can be handled very easily.
  • They blow away all the dust particles.
  • They can be used again and again.


The vacuum can be used for cleaning the couch. The vacuum does not cause any harm to the fabric. The couch must be kept clean because if they are not cleared out properly they result in the breakage of the quality. The couches must be cleaned regularly with the help of vacuum cleaner which is an effective method. Many professionals don’t accept the concept of cleaning because they consider many effective strategies like steam cleaning, but many consider the vacuum cleaning is completely safe for your couch and they can be used to remove the dirt particles. The disadvantage of using vacuum is that they can’t be used to remove the stains. The reason is just blowing away the stains doesn’t make them go away.

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Our experts advise you to first check what type of cleaning your couch is up to? Does it require wet cleaning or dry cleaning? For this, check the fabric code, whether it is ‘X’, ‘S’, ‘SW’ or ‘W’. then, on the basis of this, choose the right remedy and product to clean your couch to clean them.


The stains can lead to a tremendous amount of headache. As the days pass by the stain gets settled in hard which makes it difficult to be removed. The stain can be removed by steam cleaning along with many DIY methods.

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Deep cleaning is nothing but it cleans the couch thoroughly. The deep cleaning can be considered as an effective strategy to remove the dust particles that are present deep inside the couch. First vacuuming the couch is very important as it removes the dirt at the top. After that it can be deep cleaned for better results.


Odor can be a major disaster because of the smell it gives out when it is left untreated. The odor can be removed with the help of baking soda and vinegar mixture. Apply them regularly for better results.

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You should take expert help and ask them a suggestion before cleaning them. The experts of Squeaky Clean Couch – Leather Couch Cleaning Melbourne know which tool should be used, when and where in order to provide you a clean and healthy couch. The clean couch plays an important role in keeping the surrounding healthy. Our experts are just a call away. So, hurry up! Before it gets too late. Vacuum cleaning is safe to use for couch cleaning but its not really effective against stains. The vacuum can be used as an everyday cleaning tool. Keep your couch clean with the help of vacuum and have a beautiful couch. Have a glimpse on our blog titled Cleaning Leather Lounge With Natural Products.

Cleaning Leather Lounge With Natural Products

Cleaning microfiber couch Cleaning Microfiber Couch is a simple process, if you remember some basic ideas. Microfiber couches are basically made out of super soft and fine synthetic fibers. Apart from being very comfortable, microfiber couches also have the advantage of being water resistant. In appearance, they are very similar to leather and suede – which gives them an elegant look. Maintaining that elegant look is a little easier than with other materials, but it is still something that needs to be done with care.

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Affordable Couch Cleaning easily if you received a manual when buying the couch, check it out before cleaning it. It should contain detailed instructions on how to clean it without damaging it and some tips in regard to what needs to be used and how.

Cleaning microfiber couch is a rather sensitive matter – the material is water resistant, but if a large quantity of water is spilled on it, some nasty consequences could happen. If the water manages to get through the material, it will probably do a lot more damage than in the case of a usual couch – so you must make sure that this doesn’t happen.

Microfiber cleaners exist and they should be used most of the time. Water needs to be used only if cleaners are not available and an urgent Stain needs to be cleaned. Another home solution can be Isopropyl Alcohol – but don’t overdo it with that either.

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Squeaky Clean Couch What you have to bear in mind when cleaning microfiber couch is that, if you use something that was not designed to clean it in the first place, visible stains may remain. They may not be as ugly and may be preferable to the stains you were trying to clean in the first place – but they are still not something you would like to be seen on your couch. You can avoid that by drying the couch with a paper towel or maybe with a soft terry cloth after cleaning the couch. Check out our blog titled Why Shouldn’t You Ignore Cleaning The Upholstery.

Why Shouldn’t You Ignore Cleaning The Upholstery?

Every day, the members of a family, especially those responsible for the household, carry out a large number of activities, either associated with their working life or with taking care of the house.

In this area there are many tasks such as childcare, shopping, washing, ironing, cooking, serving the table, as well as everything related to cleaning and maintenance of the home, for which you do not have as much time as you would like.


In particular, cleaning tasks go beyond the aesthetic aspect, since a messy environment is a reason for some people to feel stress and definitely minimizes the performance of daily tasks.

This is manageable, however, the reproduction of germs and bacteria in a careless and unhygienic environment, is not advisable and can be harmful to our health, so in addition to providing order in the home in which we live, should also try to generate conditions of asepsis, removing dirt, particularly on those surfaces of common transit.


Among these common transit surfaces, we can mention: chairs, sofas, cars, bedroom mattresses, cushions, and other furniture that require periodic cleaning.

Beyond a cleaning or disinfection, which allows us to eliminate bacteria, parasites and viruses on the surfaces to be treated, given the specialization and the time required to perform this activity, we often postpone or stop it. When we make reference to the disinfection of these elements, being the fabric or skin the surface in charge of covering them and the place that is in direct contact with our skin.

The cleanliness of the Best clean couch Service should not be ignored, as it usually accumulates microorganisms such as dust mites or also called house dust mites, because its fibrous condition of this type of surface allows these organisms to avoid light and go unnoticed.

The accumulation of mites can be the trigger for various diseases, such as asthma, nasal congestion, itchy eyes, coughing, sneezing and dermatitis, this situation can be especially delicate in children, since they do not have the necessary defenses to fight the germs that enter their bodies.

Unlike adults who are less vulnerable to these circumstances, children may develop childhood asthma from things that do not have adequate cleanliness over time. Such as the Leather Couch Cleaning Melbourne of the mattress, which can become a dangerous object given the amount of dust mites that accumulate on its surface. This is how, if you do not have the time to perform a general and deep cleaning, using specialized products that have solvents and detergents capable of removing dirt, without damaging the fibers of the fabric.

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It is really important to take into account the influence of mites in our daily lives, it is possible to develop permanent allergies due to daily contact with these microscopic animals

Don’t hesitate to contact professional cleaning specialists if necessary, because by removing the dirt from your upholstery we will minimize the risks to your health and the health of your friends and loved ones. Check out our blog titled Get rid of Fabric pills from the Couch immediately….. Quick tips!

Get rid of Fabric pills from the Couch immediately….. Quick tips!

Firstly you have to know about what are fabric pills? So, pilling should be occurred when the fibers in a fabric of Couch should be rub together and causing them to break off and accumulate in small piles. These piles help to make your Couch look old and dingy. These piles left with small or balls of fabric fibers which stuck to the furniture surface. There are several tools which should be designed for your Couch to de-pilling speed up the process, or you can opt for a pair of scissors.

The major cause of pilling is that when you primarily sit or scoot across the Couch. Since pilling occurs on any wicker material with fibers and results from normal wear, it is common. It is also happened on the most expensive fabric as well as the cheapest fabric of your Couch. When this pilling cannot be cleaned away but may be the result of improper cleaning along with other factors. So at that time you don’t have fear of this problem and try to fix this problem and spruce up the appearance of your furniture. So at that time there is use of variety of techniques and tools which helps to prevent pilling and remove it permanently.

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If you want to get rid of these pills quickly and effectively then you have to need sharp razor which helps to provide gently shave in short strokes along the direction of the fibers. After that you have to tap the razor frequently to remove the built up pills and keep the razor clear. There is also availability of brush which is designed for specifically de-pilling and lint removal makes haste when it comes to removing pills from the Couch. This brush is designed for natural-fiber fabrics such as cotton, these synthetic fibers are too strong to pull away with the brush. By use this type of brush, swipe it across the Couch, much like using a typical soft-faced lint remover.

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You have also hired experienced Couch Cleaning Melbourne services because when there is experienced professional then he will be able to easily remove all the pilings by use an electric barber’s shears. In this procedure, it is important for you that always first pre-test in an unremarkable location.   In that process you have to shave across the surface of the problem area moving slowly and checking that more damage is not being created. But when you used some DIY methods then these removers for clothing and furniture are easily available in the market; however they may not be readily available or aggressive enough to tackle the job. But with the help of professional cleaning services they will remove the entire pilling surface from your Couch efficiently and effectively and also help to reducing all damage from pulling and snagging. Have a glimpse on our blog titled Why Do You Need Professional Upholstery Cleaning Services.